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Rolling out every Sunday from Richmond school at 9.30am going forward

Following a meeting with Sport England and other national governing bodies yesterday, British Cycling is now pleased to publish information related to its plans for a return to sanctioned activities and events in England under The Way Forward framework established in June last year.

British Cycling roadmap

From March 29

  • British Cycling-affiliated Club rides or recreation programme rides for up to 15 participants (or limited to relevant leader/rider ratios), on highways, trails and tracks.

Taking all this into account the club was excited to restart the Sunday club Social rides with the first one taking place on Sunday 4th April rolling out from Richmond School Car park (new venue to allow social distancing to be adhered to) at 9.30am,we had 23 cyclists arrive for this which was fantastic we had ladies and gentlemen new to club riding and also some very experienced riders joining us including a UCI world track champion!!!!!!!!!! this made us really feel positive and proud about the positive impact the club could have on every aspect of our community,

The limit is 15 per group but as previously promised we had plenty of experienced ride leaders to ensure we could be Covid compliant and ensure we stick to the rules without leaving anyone behind, we split into 2 groups a flatter 35 mile route and a 45 mile hiller route, 

The plan is for similar next week again no one was dropped or will ever be left behind on one of our rides, we are looking to add another Element to these and will be having a ladies only ride for any females who are still nervous to come along and are unsure about riding in a group ride, this is designed to show everyone we are there for you all and to allow you to grow in confidence within the club and get to know everyone within it without the pressures usually assigned to some clubs and rides, these Ladies only rides will be run and led by our one and only Hilary Conway (bio on the about us page on Hilary) she has a massive passion for inclusivity and helping us open the club up to more and more people females and males a like, so please come along and join us or message us through Facebook/ Whatsapp or email and we will answer and queries you have and hopefully help settle any worries you might have about riding with a club…

Please Visit our Facebook page for upto date info on routes or message us directly on here and we can send you the routes as they are confirmed, we look forward to an exciting year of riding and welcoming many of our new members to these club rides!!!

Stay safe all and Ride on!!!!


Our club run ‘philosophy’ is summarised below:

Our club ride meeting spot is moving for this year, this is to allow for Covid restrictions and to ensure Social distancing can be maintained for all riders and also the general public, with all this in mind Richmond School have agreed to allow us to meet in the Bus park in the school grounds, this means we will not block the path outside Calvert carpets and also have plenty of room for all us to arrive and get set without being squashed into a small space, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause anyone who has previously ridden with the club but we must ensure we do what is best for everyone in respect to Covid 19 and Social distancing guidelines    (see Map Below).

Club rides will be every Sunday with the start time of 09:30am for most of the year, except for the winter months of Dec, Jan, and Feb, when the start time is 10:00am.

The Sunday rides will where possible (again restrictions allowing) have a Cafe stop, so bring along a few ££ for a drink and snack. 

Group Riding Etiquette

We ride in two lines but switch to single-file:

when on a main road where cars are passing at speed
on a very narrow road with blind corners
when car(s) behind being held up for a long time.
When the group is 6 or more riders, the preferred method of changing the lead riders is …

the rider on the front of the outside line moves across to the front of the inside line, and the outside line moves up one rider. We rotate the lead riders every 5-10 minutes.

It’s not usually necessary to warn of *oncoming* cars except on very narrow roads with blind bends. Riders at the back should warn of cars approaching from behind with a call of ‘car behind’. (Not necessary on a straight wide road with plenty of room and visibility for the car to pass). If a car, or number of cars are finding it difficult to pass we should either change to a single line or let gaps open in the group so they can get past in stages.

Average Speed

This is a tricky one, as it depends on the wind, terrain and the make up of the group. But put simply, we ride at a pace that is comfortable for the group – i.e. the group stays together and regroups when splits occur over hills, or at junctions. Pre-planned rides will be billed as either ‘Easy’ or the default ‘Moderate’.

  • ‘Easy’ – 20-30 miles @ 14-15mph. Cafe stop. Generally flattish, and a good introductory ride for new riders/re-joiners. The standard rule is no one will be dropped or left behind the group speed will adapt to accommodate all riders this aimed at everyone looking to join the club and ride with other like minded individuals without the pressures of having to ride at speed 
  • ‘Moderate’ – 30-50m @ 16-18mph. Cafe stop. Average speed will be slower if hilly – say 15-17mph. For very flat routes, or with a big group it could be 18-19mph.
  • ‘Hard’ – 50+ m, @17-18 mph. Hilly. Sometimes no stop.

We will never leave a rider behind. If you have any questions at all, or are in any doubt as to whether you will be able to manage a particular ride, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@richmondcyclingclub.co.uk , through the WhatsApp link on this page or by joining the Facebook group and messaging through this, the club is here for us all we are a community and we want to share our passion for cycling with everyone so come along and get involved!

time trials

We run a Time Trial series in the summer following an approx. 10 mile course from Fremington to Richmond – organized via the CTT every Thursday.

Everyone is welcome to attend – whatever your standard. We have a large range of abilities and ages who join us for the events which are part-social and part-competition.

You can meet either at our usual meeting point of Calvert’s Carpets in Richmond at 18:15 or meet at the start point at the bridge at Fremington at around 19:00.

Entry costs £4.

For more details see our facebook page or join the TT Whatsapp Group

We also need marshals and volunteers to help – instructions for marshalls are here.

The Marshalls’ sign-up sheet and result sheet is below

our completed events

Take a look at all are upcoming events. Become a member today and join us on our rides.